The most unforgettable way for women to make love

The first step is to make sure that your woman can have an orgasm without having to go through the trouble of renovating her skills.

The first step, the foreplay is very important, you can kiss the woman’s whole body, but to master the sex sensitive area, most women sensitive area are in the clitoris, you can start to gently touch the woman’s entire vagina with your hand, remember to gently touch, not too long, look at the woman’s performance, such as women appear strong performance, you continue to gently touch, such as women’s performance is not strong, you can stop gently touch, continue to the next step, is also the most critical step. If the woman does not have a strong performance, you can stop fondling and continue with the most crucial step, which is to lick the clitoris with your tongue, and be careful to lubricate the clitoris with saliva, otherwise the dryness will cause pain, because the clitoris is very sensitive. But you do not rush, please continue to lick a minute or two minutes, grasp yourself.

The second step, with a prone position riding on her hand holding the penis outside the vagina a few strokes, so that the lubricant stick to the penis, you can slowly insert into, do not rush, insert the bottom of the channel after holding her in her ear to say some words of love, and then ask her if she wants to pump a few times, she said you can act, your opportunity to perform also came, please remember not to let yourself too excited, or no following, must be controlled yourself.

The third step is to lift her thighs apart with her own hands to the sides, you use the kneeling position, telling you that the posture is very important, or women do not enjoy the orgasm, and do not insert too deep, shallow insert can be, one by one, the formation of the rule, do not insert, no meaning, and women will not like.

The fourth step, which is also the most critical, through the above shallow plug, the woman is certainly not addicted, you will use your hand to touch the clitoris, while inserting change touch, remember to use saliva lubricated fingers to touch the clitoris, there are two techniques, and the method is different for each kind of woman: the first is to gently insert into the clitoris:

The first is to gently insert into the process of inserting into the process of stroking the clitoris, be sure to touch, insert into the very slow, insert the bottom, top, and then touch the clitoris, and then gently and slowly withdraw to repeat the process, the woman has reached the best state, you can continue to pump, light and heavy by your grasp, the time control longer, but also the most difficult to control, because the woman has reached the climax vagina you will feel a Contraction, such as when you feel the contraction of the vagina, you will keep on inserting, to insert deeper, longer until ejaculation, that the woman will not forget you in this life. If you can’t control you stop and continue, repeat several times. This is the first kind.

The second is to speed up the speed, while inserting the side of the touch, not deep when the woman orgasm do not insert, only to the woman orgasm when you can powerful deep insert, because the woman’s orgasm did not arrive when too deep will hurt, there is too deep you will not be able to control the ejaculation. The key is the following:

1) the woman’s thighs open a little, the upper body upward bow, to the orgasm can be hooked around your neck with your hands, you can force deep penetration.

2) touch the clitoris when the fingers must be lubricated, and then with the speed of pumping and rubbing light touch, to light touch.

3) To have enough penis in the vagina to stay in the pumping time, from the beginning to the end is estimated to be 40 minutes. Can you hold on to it?






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