Tips for couples to synchronize orgasms

Inexperienced men in order to capture their own pleasure after intercourse, then the penis will move back and forth, doing vigorous pumping movement, however, only pumping movement is not sex. As with the position, a variety of variations, clever combinations, changes to enhance the female pleasure, leading women to orgasm. Even the pumping motion is not just in and out, but preferably with variations. In particular, repeated slow and shallow thrusts can make women in the excitement phase anxious and restless, and when women are anxious and looking for stronger stimulation, then give deeper union.
With the waist as the center line, the penis in the direction of the diagonal insertion of the combination of repeated movements is the diagonal movement, this movement not only the head of the penis around the vaginal opening to bring the stimulation of digging, the movement of the way the vaginal wall can produce slight changes to achieve the effect of stimulating the vagina as a whole.
The rotation movement is a circle-like movement of the penis in the vagina, as the vaginal opening is the fulcrum, the penis in the vagina stirring the entire vaginal wall, can bring women strong pleasure.
In the state of deep union, the action of rubbing the pubic bone against the pubic bone is the compression movement. The gentle forward and backward movement of the waist in a gyrating manner stimulates the clitoris, but since the man himself is less stimulated, this movement is suitable for intercourse in a long and continuous period.
Therefore, in order to maximize mutual pleasure, the man can observe the woman’s response and combine and vary the above basic types. From forward and backward movements to reversal movements, adding compression movements, then back to forward and backward movements, followed by diagonal movements …… etc.

In addition, each woman’s preferred sexual exercise varies, and the riding position allows the woman to take ownership of the sexual exercise, even in the normal position, the woman will move spontaneously, and the man must know the woman’s preferred sexual exercise style.
But the time between penis insertion into the vagina and the final ejaculation. How long does it usually take? The survey proves that it is generally within thirty minutes. Obviously, the longer the man holds on, the greater the possibility of the woman reaching orgasm.
If the man’s time is too short, it is premature ejaculation. The key to the problem is actually to reduce the sensitivity of the glans. The glans is the first sexually sensitive area for men. The final ejaculation occurs after the glans is strongly stimulated (usually by pressure). If you can reduce the sensitivity of the glans, ejaculation will be delayed.
When you are very involved in sex, your thoughts are focused on the glans. The man may even feel his entire body entering the woman. At this time, if he thinks about something else, he can temporarily delay ejaculation. The urge to ejaculate will be temporarily relieved. The actual fact is that the actual body of the person who is in better shape will take longer to have sex. So, fundamentally speaking, it is necessary to exercise the body and reasonable supplemental nutrition, comprehensive physical improvement is fundamental.
Making love is an art, and is the art of two people, like two people skating, pay attention to the cooperation. Practice has proven that women are good at leading, men can properly extend the time of intercourse, and women can get enough sexual satisfaction. So, for those men who can’t make love, those who always ejaculate prematurely and don’t have physical diseases, it’s a good idea to find an experienced woman to counsel them.






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