May I have a human heart and never be separated

That year he gave up his promising future, only to return to the mountains with her; that year, she danced in a long pavilion song, for him to block the siege pursuers ……

Seven years of cliff, returned to a beautiful woman has become another wife; years of war and fierce rivalry, do not see the red head never leave. He was angry, defending his family but could not exchange his own piece of peace; he cried, his childhood sweetheart has disappeared from memory.

He understands why the ancients all want to quit drinking to kill their sorrows, he understands why the dignitaries and noblemen all want to wander around in the youth. Perhaps it was his fault that he was young, and he was wrong to put his infatuation and sincerity to waste.

He finally put down the blade in his hand, give up the sword in his heart, and came to the place where he had agreed with her. The simple and unpretentious cottage is stained with the traces of the years, patting the dust, sitting by the window, those who had passed away youth seems to be in front of the eyes.

A beautiful woman sitting in front of the dressing table, he danced in the courtyard flowers. She looked straight at the mirror in front of her, because the mirror looks like the heart, the heart has his shadow. The first is that there is no one else here; the second is that she knows that in his heart, she is the most beautiful. In the early spring of March, peach blossoms are red, there are small canals around, fish and shrimp swimming in the water. The woman in front of him, looking at her with fascination, flushed with red, buried her head just in front of his chest. Not long after, birds flew in pairs, chattering and chirping happily. The birds and flowers, attracting her attention, light lipstick along with the beauty of the moment looks more lovely and moving. Looking at it, he became obsessed and gently kissed it. That kiss, the sky is long.

Tears left along the cheeks. A heavy rain doused the memory, knocked down the peach blossoms, but also blurred the heart of that she; wind blew away the clouds, blew away the birds, but also blew away the memory of the deep ties. The armor that accompanied him in battle for many years was drowned in sewage and stained with mud. But he did not care, waving the sword dance, along with the wind and rain, as if to compete with the sun and moon, and the Palace of Heaven. Not much time, he was tired, sitting on the ground, crying and laughing, laughing and crying. But a hand, from the waist held him, for him to put on the armor. Then look back, the tears have dried, the fog has been dispersed, the heroes of the red face look forward to. These years, she has not been happy.

Since he was conscripted by the court, and hurried away. Not a word, not with a letter, seems to have disappeared into thin air. That year, she sat alone on the terrace, cup of strong wine, stained red clothes. Looking at the beautiful scenery of the river city, but the heart has died quiet. She was sad that half of her life had gone with him; she was bitter that he had taken away her heart at the age of youth. Stepping on the broken glass, piercing her skin, but not her heart. Walked to his room and saw his notes. She was on a stack of paper, over the beginning to the end, he was always the most striking a flat boat, coincidentally at a certain time, sailing into the harbor of the mortal world, causing a circle of waves. The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the marketplace. I do not know when, out of the courtyard, with the sound of flutes floating from nowhere, humming a sad song, dancing with a sad song. This was her first dance, dancing youthfully but singing sadly. Since then, she left the place where she had lived for more than ten years and left the place that made her sad.

Years of town life, I thought the dusty heart will no longer have waves, but his sudden appearance, broke the peace of the past, disturbed her heart, but hindered them is actually a show of prison clothes and chains a thousand pounds. People say he broke the ban, the former general overnight relegated to a vegetarian. Between the march, he did not forget to tell the crowd, will his words, bring to stay guilty wife, “the rest of life is not long enough, not enough to accompany you, sea vows to mountain alliance, after all, there is no afterlife, can not let the memory, renew the three life stone. If one day, the autumn breeze fallen leaves everywhere, the veins of the years, still reveal the gentle flow of color, that must be my thoughts burned for you, in the heart of the wall of the past, marked down together with the impressions. If there is a day, I will gladly hold, from the horizon, rising sun, for you to light up the coming intersection, regardless of the evening drums, or spring, summer, autumn and winter, waiting for you as always.”

As the saying goes, I wish to have a heart, white head not to separate, hold this life vast, given to the sky full of stars; lose a world of downfall, in exchange for you to fall in love with the city. I only wish to love one person in my life, hold my son’s hand, grow old with my son, count the loneliness under the tree, leaving only a cavity of infatuation blaze, in the dream entwined place, for thoughts up to love, let thoughts ignite fireworks, fireworks coloring.







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