Does premature ejaculation affect normal pregnancy

Nowadays, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and young people work from 9 to 5 every day, so in recent years, many white-collar workers have reported that their health problems are out of order. Indeed, long-term inactivity is a great burden for the male urogenital system. In particular, premature ejaculation in men affects the problem of pregnancy. Premature ejaculation is an unspeakable problem for men, so is it harmful? Does premature ejaculation affect pregnancy? Can Premature Ejaculation Prevent Pregnancy? Can you know if you can get pregnant with premature ejaculation? Today, let me introduce to you.

The hazards of premature ejaculation are mainly manifested in premature ejaculation hair Zhang, which can not only lead to impotence and poor mental state; premature ejaculation of the couple can not reach sexual satisfaction appeared life cracks. Premature ejaculation directly endangers the harmony of the couple’s sexual life and affects family harmony; premature ejaculation can also lead to neurasthenia, as well as induce and aggravate prostatitis and other diseases. But premature ejaculation disease can also be pregnant. Premature ejaculation does not affect the woman’s pregnancy. You will understand the process of conception when you understand it.

Why does untimely treatment of premature ejaculation affect male fertility?

Severe primary premature ejaculation can lead to infertility. Because these patients have an overly sensitive ejaculatory reflex, they will ejaculate as soon as they have sexual activity or sexual stimulation, and their penis may not have entered the vagina yet, not to mention the sperm entering the female reproductive tract, so there will be no pregnancy, which also results in male infertility.

Five ways for men to get rid of premature ejaculation

1, psychological conditioning

Experts say that the cause of premature ejaculation is mostly caused by psychological factors. For example, during sex, psychological tension, anxiety, etc. In addition, excessive psychological pressure in life and work can also lead to premature ejaculation, so the conditioning of premature ejaculation must first have a stable state of mind, eliminate negative psychological emotions, establish a healthy sexual psychology and maintain an optimistic attitude, which are all methods of conditioning premature ejaculation.

2, couple relationship conditioning

Pay attention to the mutual consideration and cooperation between husband and wife, once there is no ejaculation can not blame each other, blame, but should find out the cause, together with the treatment. The female partner should be considerate, comforting, not to blame, threatening, otherwise it is contrary to the wishes, not conducive to conditioning premature ejaculation. The establishment of a beautiful, healthy and harmonious family environment is of great help in regulating premature ejaculation.

3, diet conditioning

What are the conditioning methods of premature ejaculation? The man premature ejaculation to pay attention to dietary conditioning, daily to do to enhance nutrition to make good meals, many foods or condiments on the table (such as leeks, onions, peppers, mutton, dog meat, animal kidney and whip, etc.) have the role of kidney benefit, may often eat. In addition, eat more seafood, soybean products, fish and shrimp to help Yang fill the essence of food, are able to strengthen the body. Avoid spicy stimulation, quit smoking, quit drinking.

4, physical conditioning

Experts point out that physical exercise and more sports, the most primitive human activity, are equally effective in promoting the recovery of premature ejaculation, so it is also one of the conditioning methods for premature ejaculation. The specific exercise program depends on the individual, but the intensity should not be too high or too low. The actual jogging, swimming, mountain climbing, ball games, gymnastics, and gym workouts are all good choices.

5, sexual life conditioning

The main reason for this is that the man with premature ejaculation has a good sex life, which includes cultivating his body, abstaining from sexual intercourse, and maintaining his kidney essence; at the same time, paying attention to the hygiene of sexual intercourse, quitting the habit of masturbation, and carrying out sex education for both husband and wife to understand the meaning of premature ejaculation and prevent misinterpreting the normal situation as premature ejaculation.

Ways to get rid of premature ejaculation

Don’t worry about premature ejaculation progressing into impotence: men with premature ejaculation are mostly anxious about whether they will further develop into impotence, or even prologue avoiding sex, and every time they have sex they are worried about whether they will surface premature ejaculation, and these psychological burdens are precisely the primary factors that lead to premature ejaculation. A few premature ejaculation does not mean anything, weakness, overexcitement can form premature ejaculation, adjust your body, most numbers of premature ejaculation can be prevented.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular items. This kind of worry has a big impact on the sexual life and often leads to mental impotence. As mentioned earlier, a few premature ejaculation does not indicate that there is a problem with your sexual skills, but rather that these problems are temporary because you have not adjusted yourself well.

The actual fact is that you will find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on their own. In fact, many young people are not deficient in anything and do not need to take supplements, even if they want to take supplements, they should start under the guidance of a Chinese medicine practitioner.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get rid of the problem, so you should not be bound by psychological pressure, if you have been bound by such psychological pressure, it is possible that you are not premature ejaculation but impotence from now on.






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