The orgasm and sensation of anal penetration

Some men can sometimes have orgasms from anal penetration, but in many ways it doesn’t matter if it happens during anal penetration:
“Once she had me sitting on her lap and she stuck her finger up my ass and felt around until she found my prostate, which she said she could feel was as big as a quarter of a brass plate, and asked me if that was it, or what I felt when she applied pressure. Of course I felt it: I felt like I was going to come at any moment. She started rubbing it with her fingers, a sensation I was not used to, but very hard to resist, but the penis did not feel it. After a while, I finally came, I didn’t really have an erection and not much fluid came out, but it was great.”

Most men still need to stimulate the penis with their hands in order to come This is somewhat similar to the situation of women, although some women can come during intercourse, most women still need to stimulate the clitoris with their hands in order to come. ::
I love the feeling of having a woman’s finger or vibrator penetrate my rectum while she’s sucking me off or masturbating, but penetration alone doesn’t bring me to orgasm.”
“The best stimulation is when the penis is pushed out quickly inside the anus (not completely, just partially) while I rub my penis up and down with my other hand.”

“I love it when a woman pushes a lubricated finger into my ass while gently and regularly squeezing the prostate area. It feels very satisfying and makes my penis throb, sometimes with a burning sensation. I’ve never had an orgasm from this alone, but I believe I can.”
“This way of orgasm is completely different, it’s a whole body orgasm. The main core is near the testicles, and it’s very intense.”
“The prostate orgasm occurs more internally and around the entire pelvic area. It doesn’t necessarily lead to penile ejaculation, which I love, but I still wouldn’t be fully satisfied if it wasn’t accompanied by a penile orgasm. After 18 years of masturbation, I’m so used to penile orgasms that something always seems to be missing elsewhere.”
“My wife sometimes inserted her fingers into my anus and massaged my prostate while having sex in a straddling position. Orgasming in this way is a fantasy-like ecstasy that usually intensifies the orgasm and sometimes makes my contractions last a little longer than usual.”






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