Women’s G-spot A-spot U-spot and men’s finger skills

Many men like to insert their fingers, but everyone has different skills to bring women’s feelings are also different, men with skills can use their fingers to bring women strong orgasms, men without skills may bring women pain. Here I dedicate my own personal experience and feel to some of the sex life skills to you.

After the intense kiss, the man’s lips habitually crossed the earlobe, neck, chest, while the hand gently crossed every inch of the body, wandering …… slowly, into the subject, gradually, the climax came, floating. The next time, it’s the same again. When men are searching for different points of excitement in your body, do you understand how many ways to trigger your own orgasm? There are many key switches hidden in the body, and once tapped, the pleasure is instant. For men, the arousal points are easier to find because everything is on the outside, easy to see, easy to feel, easy to locate. For women, everything seems to be hidden and unfathomable, can only touch, but can not peek.

The traditional way of making love, a deep thrust of the penis to the heart of the flower, the ensuing crashing pleasure and moaning, is so easy to do. Gradually also tired of this way, the initial soulful feeling of lovemaking, sometimes reduced to the tedium of piston-like movements. The narrow, warm vagina has other super sensitive areas hidden within it. Once you’ve been hit, the passionate power of these pits is enough to make you want to die and forget about yourself.

G-spot and orgasm

This point is of course the first and foremost. The most information on the Internet is also about it. The first person to touch my G-spot is a veteran, a little that is hit, and suddenly, sexual excitement from that point spread, the whole body limp, like an electric shock. The G-spot is the gateway to vaginal orgasm, and as you keep stimulating it, you can feel the vagina slowly expanding its space, the mucus gradually increasing, and maybe at first one finger will feel tight, but later, two or three fingers will be needed to fill the lubricated vagina. It feels like the vagina is being activated, constantly wanting to be filled. When you are sound, you can still feel your lower body being filled with warm fluids.

It is said that only a significant percentage of women feel the excitement of the G-spot. But almost all the women I have come in contact with have it, but there is no denying that the location of the G-spot, for those who are just starting out, it is very difficult to find its exact location at once. The G-spot is located in the upper wall of the vagina, and when you enter the vagina, you have to feel the folded area, which is about one square centimeter in size, by hooking your fingers upwards.

The location of the G-spot varies slightly from person to person, but the orientation is pretty much the same: it’s somewhere on the upper vaginal wall, not far from the vaginal opening. Therefore, if the finger enters straight and does not hook, it will not be able to touch the G-spot. There is no need to worry about the length of the finger, because the G-spot is not deep, usually 2-3 cm from the vaginal opening, and the index or middle finger is enough to handle it.

The stimulation of the G-spot is also very delicate, with two main types of stimulation: pressure and fast friction. Some people like to press slowly to stimulate the rhythm, while others need to rub quickly to feel the sensation, but pressing will feel painful. The G-spot orgasm is not inferior to the heart of the flower orgasm, and can make the consciousness drift away, but the feeling is slightly different, like a different taste of food.

A spot and orgasm

When it comes to the A spot, it is more exciting than the G spot. The A-spot is also on the upper wall of the vagina, in the middle of the G-spot and the neck, which is the deeper part of the G-spot. I discovered the A-spot purely by chance. At the time, while stimulating the G-spot, I felt a youthful bean-shaped dot protruding from the upper wall of my dilated vagina, not far from the G-spot. Occasionally, when I touched it, I would react more. So he moved from the G-spot to stimulating that spot. The sensation at this point seemed to be one of being sent from a plateau to another peak. The sensation is indescribable and the orgasm goes straight from the lower body to the brain and then spreads throughout the body. There was a constant gurgling of fluid that accompanied the thrusting of the fingers, like the tinkling of a spring. Yes, that’s the point, the so-called A spot, only after the stimulation of the G spot will be obvious prominence of the bean-shaped point. Constantly rubbing it, stimulating it, wanting, still wanting. Just want to cling to something, grabbing your back, your body, breathing heavily moaning and shouting, enjoying the waves of orgasms of the topsy-turvy.

Your fingers feel that point standing proudly on its head, waiting for you to hit it, to take it, to mosey on it. Gradually, two fingers are not enough, the vagina has expanded too loosely, so three fingers, four fingers, the vagina is now like a hungry doll, constantly opening its mouth wide and sucking your fingers. My consciousness was scattered, nothing was real, the waves of sensation had sent me into the clouds, up and up again. Suddenly the vagina tightens, you feel it swelling there, no longer a wide cavern, your hand caught in the blood-filled soft tissue of the vagina so that you can barely move it freely. You try to push harder to keep up the rapid frequency, you can’t stop, you can’t stop, once you stop, you can’t make the leap from plateau to orgasm.

Soon, I grab your hand and say, stop, the orgasm is here, thrust again, it will hurt. You slowly withdrew your hand, wet, tenderly stroked my labia and examined it for a while. You said it was satisfied, pouting, swollen, a sound look. You lay on my chest, resting. I know, you’re tired too. Of course you’re exhausted from all the constant high frequency pumping back and forth. The two of you are limp on the bed, as if you have just finished a fierce war. This is the beauty of the A-spot, a more violent and soothing stimulation than the G-spot.

G point of excitement, although also can float, but definitely not enough A point so desperate to die. In fact, the reason why the A-spot was neglected in the past was because it was more secret than the G-spot. When the vagina is not fully excited, the A-spot is very inconspicuous and hard to feel with your hands. The discovery of the A-spot took our sex to a whole new level. After that, I found the A-spot in her sacred place as well and let her enjoy the same sexual bliss I had before. Yes, let’s go crazy for the A-spot, what a soul-crushing euphoria it is.

The U-spot and orgasm

The U-spot is located about 2.5 cm from the entrance of the vagina. I’m not sure where it is exactly, but it is said that stimulating it creates the desire to urinate. According to past experience, when stimulating the G-spot or A-spot, the U-spot will be stimulated at the same time in a certain state, causing the stimulated party to have the desire to urinate. In fact, there is not really urination, because when the stimulation stops, the feeling of urination also disappears. If you hold back this urge to urinate and continue to enjoy it, sometimes you will feel a gush of water. Perhaps this is what is commonly referred to as female ejaculation. Even though it is coupled with the urge to urinate, it is not urine and is clear white in color and sweet in taste. However, the U-spot is not always stimulated, so when the G-spot and A-spot are stimulated, the U-spot can be stimulated in some positions to produce a urine-like sensation, but sometimes not.

The small cartilage in the vagina

I discovered by chance that there is a pair of small cartilages in the vagina that are symmetrically arranged. When I tweak either one of them with my fingers, I get a mild or severe reaction, and it’s very comfortable. Usually it was a corresponding moan from me with each toggle. The stimulation is intense, and so are my sensations. Over time, the inside of the vagina also becomes engorged with blood until eventually penetration becomes impossible (the painful post-orgasmic reaction). The position of the pair of cartilages inside the vagina is different for each woman and is highly random. Sometimes it is only accessible in one position, and if the partner changes position, the cartilage disappears immediately and cannot be touched. That’s why sometimes you have to support her body and not let her swing around, or else you’ll be left with a point of excitement in your hands, and you won’t be able to find it. Due to the uncertainty of cartilage positioning, usually not too much attention is paid to finding stimulation it. More details may take a long time to explore.

When you are familiar with the vagina and find its location, it opens up a whole other world of sexual excitement that can rival the orgasms that can be had with a penis in the center of the flower. The use of fingers to stimulate each point of excitement has unparalleled advantages. The fingers can be bent as much as possible, have a good tactile sensibility, are sensitive to the undulating terrain of the vagina, and can increase or decrease the thickness of the penetration according to the contraction and expansion of the vagina, which the penis cannot achieve.

Of course, the inside of the vagina is very fragile, so if you use your fingers to enter, your nails must be clipped off the protruding end so that the sharp side does not scratch the vaginal wall. Before entering the body, make sure to clean and disinfect it well to prevent infection. Make sure to do enough foreplay to make the vagina as wet as possible so that the fingers can enter smoothly to find the point of excitement. Sometimes it is important to get the strength right and not to get excited about stabbing. It is said that there is the phenomenon of vaginal bleeding after passion, but I have hardly ever been in such a situation, so I guess it is related to the use of personal strength.






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